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About Werner

Leadership builder and strategist Werner Berger earned his place in the Guinness Book of World records, at 77, becoming the oldest man to climb the seven highest summits on each of the seven continents.

He is globally renowned for the treks he leads to some of the most spectacular and imposing environments on earth. He weaves a career in leadership development into his journeys, imparting a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom to participants. Beyond shepherding these magnificent treks to the peaks of awesome mountains, Werner invests remarkable insight into each trip to make it a life transforming odyssey. Accordingly, AARP awarded Werner with their first ever “Life Reimagined” Award.

Werner is currently preparing to climb all seven summits again, under the proprietary banner of: “The Game’s Not Over™”! Starting his quest in his native Africa, Werner and 40 participants will summit Mt. Kilimanjaro during the summer of 2017. Werner will then lead groups to the summit of the other six peaks, culminating with Everest in 2020.

Werner’s ambition is “to inspire all ages to live with increased purpose and passion, and with exultant joy and fulfillment.” After all, by conquering external landscapes we learn to conquer our internal landscapes, and through the humbling transparency that results, our spirit can reconnect with the source of all joy, gratitude and fulfillment.

Despite growing up on a poor farm in South Africa, Werner excelled in school, earning two postgraduate degrees. At 27, he began building a small business into a successful company from which he was able to retire at 43. Retirement lasted about five minutes before he launched a new career as a corporate leadership consultant working with an array of organizations including Clorox Canada, AstraZeneca, Ford Canada and Professional Audio Retail Association (PARA). He began mountaineering at age 55, climbing with one of his sons to Everest Base Camp. His successful climb of Mount Everest shortly before his 70th birthday was the crowing glory of his first seven summits quest.

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About Heshie

Heshie Segal, Founder and CEO of The JetNetting Connection, is a professional speaker, trainer, consultant and executive coach. She helps top executives, managers and individuals build their business through relationships. Corporations, colleges, universities and individuals seek out her powerful presentations. Her warmth, energy, and expertise lead to substantive change. Heshie teaches her clients how to turn a business card, a presentation, and even a chance meeting into lasting business. For close to 20 years Heshie has dedicated herself to understanding and sharing the secrets of human connections. JetNetting is an innovative and highly specific system to:

  • Eradicate the need for cold calling.

  • Establish relationships, deep and long lasting.

  • Use intentional application of kindness, helpfulness and goodwill with no ulterior motive.

  • Instill a fresh and unprecedented level of establishing diverse connections.

  • Cement long-term relationships for business, social, and non-profit purposes.

  • Leave a networking event or gathering with business in hand.


Heshie is also the founder of whose mission is to provide the basic human needs of all children, equipping them with the Values of Diversity, Self-Determination, and Responsibility as the path to a prosperous, joyful and humane life. In alignment with this mission, and because 5,000 children die every day from drinking contaminated water, Heshie has started a global humanitarian movement called “Puritii For Humanity,” to provide Puritii water purification systems to stop the deaths of future generations.

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